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Abdul Basit - Director & CEO

Mr. Abdul Basit is associated with the company for the last 27 years. He did his bachelor of science from the University of Punjab in 1987. He started his career as a trader with the member of Lahore Stock Exchange & worked for four years. After that he served couple of commercial banks and gained the experience of custodial and brokerage services.
In the year 1994, he joined TSBL, as a settlements manager. During the period with the company he held various important positions like company secretary, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer and gained vast experience & in depth knowledge of Financial Markets. By virtue of his rich experience of the capital markets, he was elevated to the position of CEO in 2010.
Having a professional career of 27 years of senior management positions covering various areas of operations of listed brokerage company, he holds command on corporate, business and company laws, Securities and Exchange Commission rules and regulations and NCCPL regulations. He also attended several courses, Seminars, Training Sessions and conferences on financial markets and Capital regulations. He is also member of institute of Financials Markets of Pakistan.

Zenobia Wasif - Director & Chairperson

Mrs. Zenobia wasif holds as bachelor degree and is founder of FIDE chess Academy, holding leadership quality with commitment, dedication and has an ability to work in a competitive and challenging environment.
She started her career as Company secretary in the ear 2003 and later on joined various well reputed organizations.
She is well-versed, competent, self motivated, aggressive and ambitious, result oriented and possess and excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
Liaising smooth interaction with confidence, she holds highly organized administrative and professional’s skills with vast experience in business profession.
Her meticulous approach in data collection and presentation, maintaining records, incorporating confidential information and maintaining high quality reports and analysis in the requisite style and format supported her functional performance in administration and corporate affairs.
Her rapidly assimilating and learning process applicable to in-house operations, consistently impressing higher management have resulted in fast track advancement to more senior positions.

Khizer Hayat Farooq - Director

Mr. Khizer Hayat Farooq is a Computing & Information Technology graduate from Staffordshire University, U.K. He has over 07 Years experience in the field of financial markets which includes investing in listed securities. He is a Certified Director under the Listed Companies (Code Of Corporate Governance) Regulations. Khizer has a proven track record of establishing successful business organizations.
In 2005, Khizer started his career with SparePro Auto Parts Trdg LLC, as Manager Imports, which led to the foundation of TONII – PAKISTAN, the branded spares for Pakistan Market.
With a vision to diversify and grow, Khizer founded SNAP A DEAL in the year 2012, offering unmatched services in the Travel Sector. The firm made its growth catering corporate clients providing end-to-end services.
Khizer serves as Chairman of the Human Resource & Remuneration Committee of Trust Securities & Brokerage Limited (TSBL).

Zulfiqar Ali Anjum - Director


Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Anjum is an executive director of the company. He holds a Master’s Degree in Finance and has nearly two decades of experience in stock exchange. He started his career in the year 1993 as Agent and Accounts Officer in a brokerage house and after that in the year 2002 he joined Darson Securities as Senior Equity Trader. He has excellent communication skills, exceptional knowledge of corporate fundamentals and parameters. Mr. Zulfiqar is associated with the company since 2018.

Wg. Cmdr (Retd) Talat Mahmood - Director


Mr. Talat Mehmood retired from Air Force on August 31,2017 as Wing Commander. Mr. Talat completed graduation from the Karachi University in the year 1992 while he also holds BSc (Hons) degree from Air University in the year 2006. Similarly, he successfully completed Governance & Financial Management, conducted at the Defence International Training Centre, Melbourne Australia in the year 2010. He is a man with meticulous self discipline. He is energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that he undertakes or situation that he presented with. He is excellent in working with others to achieve a certain objective on time and with excellence. His diversified knowledge base holds him second to none among his peers and professional cadre.
Mr. Talat is the Chairman of Audit Committee at the company.

Sardar Abdul Majeed Khan - Director


Sardar Abdul Majeed Khan joined the police service of Pakistan on October 20, 1985 after qualifying Central Superior Service and was retired from services in July 17, 2020 as Inspector General of Police, Federal Secretary Grade-22 officer. He completed graduation from Karachi University. During his service he appear in various training programme and qualified promotional examination from civil services academy, national police academy, national institute of police and National Defence University were attended and successfully completed as outstanding officer along with foreign courses at USA, France, Azerbaijan on terrorism. He developed Metropolitan Policing of new state mechanism. Commanded several districts where administrative operational were performed professionally with most progress dynamic strategies. Law and order situations were tackled with all the odds. Technological uplift, result oriented investigation, supervision of financials tasks and training management were to integral part of his commitment to improve with Law and Order. Firm and bold created a deterrent effect in the area of responsibility. Huge challenges were tackled by him with all the diligence and high standards of competency, disciplined and strategic vision to understand the situation and also to plan solutions for any task to be assigned. He has proactive approach and professionally efficient divergent to accomplish any task to be assigned. Coherent the task and working and create an appropriate response plan rise to the challenges as a leader 5 'C' i) competences ii) confidence and courage iii) communication skills iv) compass are the traits to lead an organization.

Junaid Shehzad Ahmed - Director

Junaid is a seasoned global professional and entrepreneur by choice. Junaid has exceptional academic credentials. His diversified knowledge base holds him second to none among his peers and professional cadre. Junaid holds multiple degrees in different top-notch academic disciplines. He did his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from the United States of America. He holds a dual discipline Master’s degree in Management Science and operational research from the United Kingdom. His appetite to keep up the pace with the changing global academic and corporate trends, lure him into an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance from the United Kingdom. Junaid got a jumpstart to his professional career in the realm of Finance and strategy at British Petroleum’s Headquarters located in London. Junaid go the knack of the corporate world at a very early stage in his career. After few years of exposure to international finance and strategy at the British Petroleum, Junaid decide to venture into a journey of exploring global businesses. Since 2009 he has been phenomenally involved in various Agro businesses in middle east and Pakistan. His Entrepreneurial spirit got him in to project management consultancy and a joint venture in a corporate finance advisory boutique

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Audit Committee

1) Mr. Wing. Cdr. Talat Mahmood (Chairman)

2) Mrs. Zenobia Wasif (Member)

3) Mr. Junaid Shehzad Ahmad (Member)

Name Of Sponsors

1) Mr. Sikander Mahmood

2) Mr. Ahmed Kamal

3) Mr. Junaid Shehzad Ahmed

HR & remuneration

1) Khizer Hayat Farooq (Chairman)

2) Mr. Junaid Shehzad Ahmad (Member)

3) Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Anjum (Member)