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Economics Updates

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Crude Oil Futures Drops as the New Variant Weakens Oil Demand & Causing Oil Glut in Markets. Blessing in Disguise for Pakistan!

Despite Drop in International Oil Prices, Govt. Raises GST & Petroleum Levy on IMF condition to Bridge Tax-Gap-Petrol Prices remains Unchanged!

WTI Crude Oil dropped by More Than 6% to 73-bbl, Hits 9 weeks Low on Global Oversupply Surplus & New Covid-Wave!

Platinum Could be a Better Investment Option!

Crude Oil Slips to 6-Week Low as Market Anticipates Supply Outpacing Demand!

Gold Moving Up Despite Strong US Dollar, Expected to maintain Bullish Momentum

The Coal Price Crosses 200Mt, Fueling Volatility & Vulnerability in Global Economies

Oil bounces back as Saudi Aramco raises its price for Asia & United States!